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Having the right professional-grade products on hand can make all the difference in a disaster scenario. Only ReadyBox assembles everything you'll need.
Treat severe wounds with hospital-grade medical supplies
2 protective body wraps featuring an advanced fiber that helps you retain 90% of your body heat.
3 liters of water and 12 food bars, each with a 5-year shelf life. Kid friendly food tastes like a lemon cookie!
2 antiviral masks to protect from smoke and other airborne hazards

Keep your cell phone charged and stay in contact with your family with the flashlight/radio included in every ReadyBox.

Pick from 8 adaptors to find one that fits your cell phone. Attach one end to your cell phone, attach the other to your flashlight.

Simply use the hand crank for a minute or two to help maintain the charge on your cell phone.

ReadyBox is designed to give your family protection and peace of mind.

Each ReadyBox is designed
for 2 people and includes:
  • 5-year shelf life food and water
  • Antiviral hazard masks
  • Hospital-grade first aid supplies
  • Protective thermal body wraps
  • And more...

In a dorm, an apartment or a house with no basement, a bath tub may offer a shell of partial protection. 


Did you know: 2011 saw one of the largest tornado outbreaks on record, with approximately 330 twisters affecting 21 states in just three days. Are you prepared?

Items you'll need:

Retain 90% of your body heat or help treat someone in shock.
There is a good chance you will need to treat injuries before emergency response can get to you.
Tornadoes can contaminate water. Have peace of mind with Coast Guard approved clean water.

Never walk through moving water. As little as six inches of floodwater may contain enough force to knock you over. 


Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United. They may occur as rivers slowly rise, or without warning as flash floods or broken levees.

Items you'll need:

It's waterproof and it floats! What good are emergency supplies if they're wet?
Receive information with a radio that doesn't require batteries and doubles as flashlight.
Floodwater will likely be contaminated. Have peace of mind with Coast Guard approved clean water.

Do a physical activity like swinging your arms or clapping hands to keep blood flowing but avoid overexertion. 

Blizzards & Ice

People stranded in cars make up a large percentage of the fatalities during blizzards and ice storms. ReadyBox is compact and perfect for the trunk or back seat.

Items you'll need:

Retains 90% of your body temperature in the harshest conditions.
Stay connected with a radio and cell phone charger that does not require batteries.
Eating snow can decrease your core body temperature. Don't eat it as a substitute for water.

Create defensible space by thinning trees and brush within 30 feet of your home. Beyond 30 feet, remove debris and low branches. 


There are the four seasons we all know, and then there's "wildfire season." With little or no warning, a lightning strike or human accident can lead to catastrophe.

Items you'll need:

Wildfires are fast moving and unpredictable. Go in a moment's notice.
Burning debris can be more hazardous than flames. Use this mask to filter out toxins.
Enough nutritionally balanced food to keep you fed while you seek shelter.

Watch for associated dangers such as broken electrical, water, gas, and sewage lines and damaged roadways and railways.


Landslides may be activated by storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and modification of land. They have no season and occur with little warning.

Items you'll need:

You may need to grab-and-go in a moment's notice.
Receive information with a radio that doesn't require batteries and doubles as flashlight.
Enough nutritionally balanced food to keep you fed while you seek shelter.

Keep your ReadyBox easily accessible. You never know when you'll need to grab it and go.


We don't know what today's terrorists are capable of. In today's high-tech age, it could be anything…and it could happen anytime.

Items you'll need:

Stay connected with a cell phone charger that does not require plugs or batteries.
Hermetically sealed, nutritious food and clean water become an urgent need.
This NIOSH rated mask will help filter chemical agents, debris or other airborne toxins.

The FDA strongly recommends you discard refrigerated perishable food after four hours without power.


Life in a hurricane zone is a waiting game—because it's just a matter of time until one heads your way. You need supplies, and they need to be accessible in case evacuation is necessary.

Items you'll need:

Get emergency updates, and stay out of the dark. NEVER needs batteries!
Emergency response may be unable to get to you. Prepare yourself for the worst.
Unless emergency supplies are kept dry when exposed to standing water, they'll be ruined.

NEVER light a candle or match after an earthquake, as a gas leak could cause a fire.


Unlike a weather event, you can't track an earthquake. The best defense against the surprise factor: preparedness.

Items you'll need:

Roads could be impassable. Nutritious food and clean water become an urgent need.
Find it in a power outage with military-grade glow technology.
Earthquakes cause fires and poor air quality. Guard against toxic smoke or dust with ReadyBox's NIOSH-rated masks.